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2020 NJCAA Region XII Women's Bowling Rosters

Ancilla College 20acwbowlrost.docx 20acwbowlrost.pdf
Jackson College 20jcwbowlrost.docx 20jcwbowlrost.pdf
Kirtland CC 20kirtwbowlrost.docx 20kirtwbowlrost.pdf
Mid Michigan College 20mmcwbowlrost.docx 20mmcwbowlrost.pdf
Muskegon CC 20muskwbowlrost.docx 20muskwbowlrost.pdf
Schoolcraft College 20schwbowlrost.docx 20schwbowlrost.pdf
St. Clair County CC 20sc4wbowlrost.docx 20sc4wbowlrost.pdf
Wayne County CCD 20wcccdwbowlrost.docx 20wcccdwbowlrost.pdf